The Feather of the Eagle


Olympus! The highest mountain in Greece! Αccording to Greek Mythology, the palaces of the Twelve Gods were in its canyons and peaks. At the Pantheon, named Mytikas nowadays, one of its highest peaks, the Gods held their meetings where, through intense discussions, they tried to solve the problems of the humans. At Stephanie, at its highest peak, there was the throne of Zeus, the King of the Gods. From there he set out his lightnings, seeking to show people the Divine power and authority.


On these high wild peaks, full of fog and low clouds that often brought thunders and bad weather, had made his nest a bloodthirsty eagle. Always looking for food, the eagle often attached the inhabitants of Litochoro, the small village that rests on the foothills of Holy Olympus. When people saw his huge wings open, they ran terrified to hide from his predatory nails.


They were living a hard life because they were under the threat of this murderous beast. One Day, a bold young man, decided to face the eagle. Riding his horse, defying his life, he galloped to the eagle’s nest. The journey was difficult, the path uphill was inaccessible so he had to continue on foot. He continued to climb. His fatigue paid off, but he didn't put it down. The rocks became wilder, steeper! And as his strength began to abandon him, he confronted the wild look of eagle. His heart cracked and his body shattered. He fought with his inner power and called for the help of the Gods. They admired his prowess and decided to help him. The eagle was petrified, and according to Divine instructions, the young man uprooted a feather from the eagle’s body.


Then he went down to his village, took a piece of walnut wood and started to carve it. Hours passed and the young man continued until he made a wonderful musical instrument. He placed strings and named it Blindfold because that would help him to learn to play music. He took the feather of the eagle and knocked the strings of the instrument. The instructions given to him by the Gods were not to stop trying until he could make such melodies that would receive the great power of the eagle. Days and nights he was trying to achieve his goal.. At last, after this great effort, the heavenly melody struck the senses of the Gods. Pleased with the results, they saved the inhabitants of Litochoro from their bad fortune. This is how the Tzouras was born, which accompanied the celebrations of people at all occasions!