Bald Boy and the Emperor’s Daughter


Bald Boy did not have any hair when he was born and he has been bold ever since. His mother would say to him, “My bald son, my baldy, you have no hair because you are too smart,” when she put him to bed. All the village people were really impressed with the ideas Bald Boy used to come up with. Whenever they felt stuck in a difficult situation, they would say that only Bald Boy could solve that.


One evening, the town crier arrives at the village with drums to deliver a message from the palace. “Dear Villagers, our emperor organized a competition for grooms. The winner will marry the emperor’s daughter."


Bald Boy rushes to his mother and says, “Dear mother, pack my bag, I will go to the palace to compete.” His mother cannot tell him the emperor’s daughter would not like him because he is bald. She packs his bag and Bald Boy sets off to go to the palace.


The following morning he arrives to the palace only to find that there are countless competitors among whom are the rich and the prominent people from the palace. He catches a glimpse of the emperor’s daughter whose great beauty makes him fall in love with her in seconds.

The emperor announces that he will ask the competitors three questions.

“He who answers them all will get to marry my daughter.”

Many of the competitors are surprised since they thought the competition would involve riding horses, fencing and running.

Bald boy on the other hand is sure of himself.


The emperor asks the first question.

“How many stars are there in the sky?”

There is a long silence. The emperor is the one who breaks it and he says, “Hey baldy, you answer this question”, knowing that Bald Boy will fail.

Bald Boy answers without thinking.

“There are as many stars in the sky as the hair on your head.”

The emperor looks at his advisors, they are happy with the answer; they confirm it.

Feeling a little irritated, the emperor asks his second question.

“Where is the center of the universe?”

The answer to this question is easy for Bald Boy as well. He says, “It is right beneath my feet, your highness. Ask your advisors to measure the whole world and they will see that right here is the center.”

Feeling terrified at the thought of having to measure the whole world, the advisors hastily say, “That is the correct answer, your highness.”

This time, the emperor is enraged while his daughter is enchanted by Bald Boy’s intelligence.

He asks his final question. He knows it is too difficult to answer. He can’t help but smiles and says, “Let’s see if you have an answer to this question: “Can you reverse the world using only two fingers?””

He knows it is an impossible task. Feeling relieved, he starts roaming freely.

Bald Boy thinks for a moment and approaches the crowd. He asks for the hand mirror of one of the ladies. He goes to the emperor, holds the mirror right in front of the emperor’s face using only two of his fingers.

“The world is reversed for you now, my emperor.”

Everyone including the advisors start applauding.


The emperor has to let Bald Boy marry his daughter.

Upon hearing the good news, Bald Boy’s mother starts travelling to the palace with joy.

Bald Boy and the emperor’s daughter get married with a spectacular reception and live happily ever after.