Two Storks and a Tortoise


Once upon a time, there were two storks and a tortoise living in a wetland. However, the land was slowly drying up.


The storks said, “The water will be drying up soon. So, we are going to fly away. Goodbye.”

The tortoise said, “Please take me with you.”

One stork asked, “How?”


The tortoise said, “If you two find a stick, then one of you holds one end of the stick and the other one holds the other end of the stick. I will then bite the middle of the stick. How about that idea?”


The storks agreed. They found a stick. The tortoise bit the middle of the stick. They flew over a village as planned.


Suddenly, a young child saw the storks and the tortoise in the sky and said, “What smart storks!”

The tortoise heard and felt angry. He opened his mouth and said, “I thought of the idea!”


Immediately, the tortoise let go of the stick. Then he fell on the ground and died.