Lying Shepherd


One day a young shepherd takes his sheep out to graze. The shepherd is quite new at this; he gets bored and tries to find a way to entertain himself. He comes up with an idea and decides to put it into action.


He starts shouting, ‘Villagers! Come help me! The wolf! The wolf is attacking me and my sheep.’


Upon hearing the shepherd’s cry, the villagers rush to help only to see that there is no wolf to be found. Angry at the shepherd’s lie and utterly disappointed, they go back to where they have come from.


Amused by this little prank, the shepherd repeats it a couple of days later. The villagers rush to help him again, yet again get disappointed when they find no wolf in sight.


Another day, the wolf actually comes to attack the shepherd and the sheep. The shepherd cries for help but nobody arrives. All the villagers are sure the shepherd is lying again.


The wolf devours the sheep until he is full. The fact is nobody believes a liar even when they tell the truth.