The Herd of Deer


Once upon a time there was a herd of deer that went out to the woods to graze.

The baby deer would run joyfully alongside their mother and would never leave her.


That is because their mother usually talked about this very dangerous enemy called ‘the wolf’ saying that it ate little babies like them.

In the herd, there was a deer so agile that he would rank the first in all the running races.

One day, when the herd was making their way to the woods, this particular deer left his mother so as to reach there before everyone.


His mother called after him, ‘Hang on, stop running! Stay with us, the wolf might be hiding somewhere.’

The deer kept on running and said to his mother, ‘Fear not mother, I am faster than all the deer and all the wolves.’ His mother replied, ‘Son, speed is not enough to save you! You need to stick with your herd to be safe.’

The baby deer ignored his mother and continued running. He was convinced that the most powerful deer in the herd was himself.


Just as he was about to reach the destination, the wolf came out of the trees.

After seeing the wolf, the deer got scared and started running back to the herd and to his mother; however, the wolf was following closely behind him.


The wolf came really close to the deer. He was just about to catch him when the big herd of deer came in sight.

The baby deer joined the herd and the wolf retreated thinking it would not be wise to attack the whole herd.


From that day on, the baby deer understood the real worth of his mother’s warnings and always listened to what she said.