Once upon a time, there lived a little pig. He stayed in a little wooden house together with his mum and two older brothers. Since the young Pig was very little compared to his older brothers, he wanted to be better at everything else. But his brothers wouldn't let him and kept driving him away: “Go play with kiddies and leave us alone!“ they told him again and again. The Little Pig was very angry about all this and as a result he started to be mean not just to his brothers but to all friends he sometimes played with at the park.


Whenever some of Little Pig's friends came to visit him, he drove them away, laughed at them and mocked them. He sneered at the Fox because her fur was too orange. He made fun of the Hare for his long ears and the Bear because he was too big! He laughed at everyone but never thought about how it would feel if someone would laugh at him. The animals were very sad but they didn't say anything to Little Pig, they didn't want to hear more bad things that he would tell them.


As time went by, Little Pig decided to play alone. So the next day he went on a trip but just after a few hours of walking, he got lost and started to cry. He tried to find some place he would recognize, a place where he used to play with his friends, a place where he used to spend time with his brothers, a place where he used to go on walks with his mum... nothing. He couldn't remember and everything around him felt strange and unknown.


Suddenly he met the Hare. “Please, could you help me? I'm lost and I can't get home! Help me, Hare!“ said Little Pig. The Hare didn't help him; instead he reminded him how mean he was. Little Pig, still crying, kept walking and after a while he met the Fox. “Please, could you help me? I'm lost and I can't get home! Help me, Fox!“ said Little Pig. The Fox didn't help him. He had always been mean to her! When Little Pig met the Bear, this just turned his back and, without saying a word, walked away. Little Pig couldn't even ask him for help!


Little Pig found out that he had been very mean to all his friends and this was very bad behaviour that drove everyone away for no reason. So he went and apologized to all his friends who forgave him and helped him to find a way home. As he was walking home he remembered what his mum always used to say: “If you help others, they will also help you.“