I'm a balalaika, specifically a balalaika of a music school on the second floor. I've been in different hands before. A lot of children played me, for example once it was a little girl who enjoyed it from the first strumming, or the exact opposite - a boy who could barely attend music lessons, let alone play me. He was a villain, but eventually he began to enjoy it.

How many homes have I visited! I was in a beautiful family house or in a very tall block of flats, but I also played in many places. Apart from the fact that I played in large concert halls in front of a large audience, on the contrary, for example in the kitchen or in the garden.

And what's going on in those kids! One girl was excited about her first concert and the boy, who didn't like it very much, even started to like it.


There are a lot of things playing on me, different songs and there are different notes in them, short, long, high, as if a nightingale sang it, or as deep as an angry bear. I really like when someone plays beautiful songs on me. Sometimes the kids don't like it and other times they want to play a song from morning till night.


But my school also plays other instruments, such as the piano. For example, etudes are played on it, they have different compositions from various well-known composers. Next one is the flute, but I don't know much about it because they are not close to my class at all. I regret it, I even heard it once and I have to admit it was beautiful. Then there is the violin and the drums. Jesus, it's a noise, they only have a class across the hall and I don't like them at all, they are very deep compared to the violin. On the contrary, I like the guitar, it sounds a bit like me, they even sing there, either in the choir, but the children sing there alone as well and I like that too. I regret that no one has ever sung with me (but once my mother sang into my playing).


Musicology is completely different from playing musical instruments. There, children learn how to read individual notes - "C, D, E, F, G, A, H, C", but also their length - short, long notes, marks in notes, etc. Folk songs are sung there and sometimes they also tell poems and riddles, they talk about well-known songs composed by famous composers. They also have exams, it's just like in a normal school; some enjoy it more and some less.