The fox and the stork


One night a sly fox invited a hungry stork for dinner. The stork sat down and enjoyed all the delicious spicy smells from the kitchen. The fox served two bowls of soup and said: “Bon appétit!”


The fox eagerly slurped his soup and peeked across the stork’s bowl. The stork was having a problem because his nose was too long for the flat dish.

“Let me help you,” said the fox and ate the entire stork’s soup. When the stork flew home, he felt both hungry and sad.


“That naughty fox tricked me and ate all my dinner!” squawked the stork and started planning his revenge.


One week later, the stork invited the fox for dinner.

“Your soup was so delicious that I thought I’d prepare something for you too,” said the stork.


The stork served his soup in two tall narrow bowls and easily finished his own. But the fox had no chance because his nose was too short.


“I have been tricked with my own trick,” sighed the fox.