Once upon a time there were a wolf and a fox doing nothing. One day, the wolf said to the fox: "How about taking a land and sowing it?" "Let's take it!" The fox answered.

They took the land; in the evening they made the contract, in the morning they got up and started walking. They came to the country and began to hoe. She, the lady fox, immediately got tired: "I - she said - dear wolf, I got tired. I'm going to keep the saw while you're hoeing. " "Are you going and are leaving me alone here?" "Yup; however, if the saw is about to fall, I'll be there ready to hold it ".

The wolf worked on his own and believed that the fox held the saw. What did she do instead? She went around and, where she found something to eat, he ate. After rummaging through farms, once satisfied, having to come back to him, she pressed a 'ricotta' (white soft cheese) on her head and stood before him: "Ah, what a misfortune happened to me today, while I was holding the saw! A shepherd passed came threw a stick on me and smashed my brain ".

"Come to work, we have to finish", said the wolf. And the fox: "I tell you to come home, I cannot bear it anymore". In fact, she had a full stomach.

In short, they returned home. It was dark. On the way back, the fox said: "Alas, I cannot walk! Can you take me on your shoulder for a while? "

"Ah," he said, "I should be carried on your shoulder!" And yes and no, and come on and take me ... Eventually the wolf put her on his shoulders. When she was on him, the fox began to sing: "Trallala, what a strange thing: the sick one carries the healthy one!"


That was too much to bear for the wolf, so he said: "Ah, carrion, you say so because you are satisfied! And say the you cannot make it". He took it and threw it into a puddle: "Stay here, I'll go home," said the wolf.

"Oh, what have you done to me; you ruined me completely!" the fox said. To make it short, they went home. They prepared the dinner, but she did not want to eat: she was satisfied.

"Come and eat, fool".

"I don't want, you ruined me; how can I eat? "

"Stay there, I eat alone". They went to sleep. The morning dawned.

"Get up, come on, let's go to the filed!" said the wolf.

"Go, you can go, since you ate last night," said the fox.

"You must come too".

"All right, I'll come. But I will just keep the saw ".

When they arrived, she repeated what she had done the previous day. In short, for a week, the fox repeated the usual story to the wolf. Finally, the time came to harvest the barley. They brought it to the farmyard, beat it, heaped it up and left him.

"Well, said the wolf to the fox, let's go and get the barley?"

"Yes, yes," she answered, "let's do it like this: whoever will arrives first will take it all".

The fox went to the street and started running. Shortly before, when they had made the covenant, they had brought a box to the farmyard, and the wolf had hidden a dog in it, covering it with a rag. When they were about to arrive, she, who was ahead, was all cheerful because she would have taken the barley: "Dear wolf, I have arrived!"

"Take it!" he said. The fox launched herself on the box, which was covered. She removed the rag and the dog came out. He grabbed the fox by the neck and began to shake it. "Well, now take the barley!" said the wolf. The fox was still struggling while the barley was taken by the wolf that had been working to produce it. The wolf was very happy.